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Password Vault 5 Announcement

by Shawn O'Hern July 29, 2012

We are proud to announce the release of Regex Password Vault 5, the latest version of our password manager and form filler for Windows.

For Password Vault 5, our focus has been on polishing the user experience. We want to make managing your passwords easier, more efficient, and more fun.

What's new in Password Vault 5?

  • We have added new AutoComplete toolbar buttons to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome to make it a snap to AutoComplete passwords and identities on webpages.
  • You don't have to worry about manually saving your Vault file anymore. We have added auto-save functionality. Your file will be saved every 10 minutes by default (you can change this interval or disable it completely).
  • It is now possible for you to AutoComplete just a portion of a webpage if needed. For example, if there are fields that are already filled and you do not want them to be disturbed. Just use your mouse to select the fields you want filled, and Password Vault will AutoComplete only those fields.
  • We have worked hard to improve the functionality and appearance of the user interface and notification area (system tray) menu. Lots of little improvements have been made (see if you can find them all). There are now three attractive themes to choose from.
  • Backups of your Vault file are now managed smarter. Old backups are purged once they reach a certain age, which solves the problem of ever-growing numbers of backups taking up space on your hard drive. The backup location is now per-computer, which is very useful if you use the same Vault file on multiple computers.
  • You can now delete multiple items or change multiple sharing permissions in a single operation, which is a huge timesaver.
  • Multi-user concurrent editing can now be turned off. When turned off, the first user to open a Vault file can make changes. All subsequent users will open the file in read-only mode (similar to how Microsoft Excel works). This behavior will be far less confusing for groups that desire multi-user capability without needing concurrent editing.
  • You now have the option to install Password Vault under a standard (non-admin) Windows user account.
  • The MSI-based installer has been replaced by a new technology. The installer corruption and other problems that some users have been experiencing should now be just an unpleasant memory.

Regex Password Vault 5 is available for beta testing today. Everyone is invited to try out the newest version of Password Vault...and that includes you! Please visit

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Regex Password Vault is a password manager and form filler for Windows. It simplifies your life by remembering all your usernames and passwords for you, saves you time by logging you into websites and filling out long web forms with a single click or keystroke, and keeps you safe online by making it easy to use strong, unique passwords for all your accounts!

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