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Tip: Safely Email Documents Using Regex Password Vault

by Shawn O'Hern September 26, 2012

Have you ever needed to email someone a sensitive file or document?

Sending files and documents via email can be risky without encryption. Maybe you use an enterprise email system that has encryption built in, or you already have encryption software installed on your computer. But what if you don't?

Regex Password Vault can be used in a pinch to encrypt files and documents and make them safe to transmit via email. This is thanks to a little-known feature of Password Vault: file attachments. You can attach files and documents to a password in a Vault file; the attachments are always encrypted. Then you can safely email the Vault file containing the attachments. The file can't be opened without the correct master password.

Follow the steps below to safely email someone sensitive files or documents:

  1. You will probably want to create a new Vault file to hold the attachments (unless you also want to send all of your personal passwords to another person). So click File > New Vault File. Follow the instructions to create a new file. Choose a strong master password, keeping in mind that you will have to share it with the other person.
  2. Create a new password by clicking Edit > New Password.
  3. Click the Attachments tab. Now you can drag as many files as you want into the File attachments box.
  4. Click OK. Save the Vault file.
  5. Now you can attach the Vault file to an email and send it. Note that the original source files on your computer have not been modified and are not encrypted.
  6. You will need to share the master password with the recipient. Either send it in a separate email, or call the recipient on the telephone to tell them the password.
  7. The recipient will receive the email and the master password, open the Vault file, and be able to save the files and documents to his computer.

The recipient will need to install Regex Password Vault on his computer to be able to open the Vault file and access the attachments. It is a free download from our website. As long as the Vault file has no more than 15 passwords, the recipient can open it without needing to purchase a license.

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