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Password Vault 5 launched!

by Shawn O'Hern February 4, 2013

Regex Password Vault logoWe have launched! The beta is complete and Regex Password Vault 5 is now available to the public. We thank all our beta testers for helping find issues with the new version and providing feedback to us.

Password Vault 5 is a major upgrade. We have made hundreds of improvements to existing features and we have added many new features based on customer feedback. Click here for a list of the biggest changes. We invite you to check out the new version and download a free trial from our website.

Existing users can upgrade for a significant discount. If you have purchased a full or upgrade license in the past 12 months, you are entitled to upgrade for free! All other customers are eligible for a 60% upgrade discount. Click here for details.

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What is Regex Password Vault?

Regex Password Vault is a password manager and form filler for Windows. It simplifies your life by remembering all your usernames and passwords for you, saves you time by logging you into websites and filling out long web forms with a single click or keystroke, and keeps you safe online by making it easy to use strong, unique passwords for all your accounts!

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