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Heartbleed and Regex Password Vault

by Shawn O'Hern April 13, 2014

Heartbleed logoSome of our users have asked if Regex Password Vault is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. This is important information, so we want to share it with all our users.

Regex Password Vault is not vulnerable to Heartbleed. The Heartbleed bug is a weakness in how some web servers have implemented the SSL/TLS protocol. SSL/TLS is the protocol used in secure (encrypted) Internet communications. When you visit secure websites with an https:// address, it is SSL/TLS that is encrypting the connection. Heartbleed exposes a weakness that could allow an attacker to snoop on the data being transferred, despite the use of encryption.

Regex Password Vault works by storing your passwords locally on your own computer. It does not transmit your passwords over the Internet. Therefore, by design, Regex Password Vault is not affected by the Heartbleed bug.

With that being said, it is wise to change the passwords to all your online accounts. Online services could possibly be affected by Heartbleed, depending on which type of web server they use. The best way to find out if the services you use are affected is to contact the companies that operate each service. If you cannot find information for a specific service, then it is best to change that password.

For more information about Heartbleed, please see or

If you ever have any questions about the security of Regex Password Vault, please contact us!

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