Activate Password Vault or run in Trial mode

Activate Password Vault or run in Trial mode


You can activate the full version of Regex Password Vault by purchasing a license.


To activate the full version of Regex Password Vault


1.Purchase a license on the Password Vault website.

2.You will receive a product key by email.

3.Start Password Vault, then click Help > Enter Product Key. Enter the product key you received by email.


Tip  Save your product key in case you have to reinstall Password Vault in the future.


To run Regex Password Vault in Trial mode


Trial mode allows you to evaluate the software before deciding to purchase a license. The first time you run Password Vault and are prompted to enter a product key, simply click Run in Trial mode.


What limitations does Trial mode have?


There are no time limits. You can use the trial as long as you want.

There are no feature limitations. You can use all the features of the software.

You are limited to creating 15 passwords and 1 identity. To remove this limitation, please purchase a license.


Frequently asked questions: Licensing


How many licenses do I need to purchase?


Password Vault is licensed per-user. For single users, you need one license for yourself. That license can be installed on any number of computers for your use only. For businesses and organizations, you need one license per user who will be using the software. Again, there is no limit to the number of computers those licenses can be installed on.


For more information, refer to the Password Vault website.


I forgot my product key. Can you help?


Yes, please fill out the following form on the Password Vault website: Lost Product Key. We will look up your key and send it to you.


Where can I find information about pricing, volume discounts, etc.?


That information is available on the Password Vault website.

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