Configure automatic backups of my Vault file

Configure automatic backups of my Vault file


Every time you save change to your Vault file, Regex Password Vault makes a backup of your file. A backup is a copy of your Vault file that is stored in a different location than the original file. Keeping backups of your Vault file is strongly recommended because they help ensure that you won't lose all your passwords in the event that your Vault file is deleted or corrupted, you suffer a hardware failure, or your computer is lost or stolen.


You can control when and where backups are made, as well as how long backups are saved for. See the section below for details.


To configure automatic backups


1.Click Tools > Options.

2.Click the Backup tab.

3.Make the desired changes. The controls are described in the table below.




Back up Vault file after every Save checkbox

Enables or disables automatic backups.

Backup location

The folder where your backups will be stored. The folder can be on your hard drive, on a network drive, or on a removable drive.

Delete old backups

Controls how long backups will be saved before they are deleted. The default is 3 months.


Usually, your most recent backups will be the most important ones, since they contain the most up-to-date information. Backups become less important they older they become, so Password Vault will purge your old backups in order to conserve disk space. However, if you have a need to keep older backups, you can either increase this value or disable this setting altogether by clearing the checkbox.


Note  Password Vault will always save the last three backups of your Vault file, even if they are old enough to be deleted.

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