Change sharing permissions for multiple items at once

Change sharing permissions for multiple items at once


If you have a large number of password or identities you want to share or stop sharing, you can set all the sharing permissions in a single operation. This is much more efficient than changing permissions for each password or identity individually.


1.Click Edit > Bulk Operations > Change Sharing Permissions.

2.Check the passwords and identities you want to change sharing permissions for, then click OK.
Selecting items to change sharing permissions for

3.The Change Sharing Permissions for Multiple Items dialog appears. Under Set user permissions, use the checkboxes in the Access column to share or stop sharing the selected passwords and identities with other users in the Vault file.
Setting sharing permissions for the selected items
The available settings for each user are as follows:




Give the user access to all the password and identities selected above.


Revoke the user's access to all the passwords or identities selected above.


This setting is only available when the user currently has access to some, but not all, of the items selected above. If you leave the checkbox in this state, permissions for the user will not be changed.


Note  You cannot clear the checkbox for your own user account because you cannot change your own access to passwords and identities.

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