Command-line syntax

Command-line syntax


The syntax for running Regex Password Vault from a command line is as follows:


pvault.exe [path | /register key | /delsettings] [/m]


Each argument is described in the following table.





The path to a Vault file to open. If the path includes spaces, you must include it in quotes.

/register key

Registers Password Vault with a product key. Replace key with the full 32-character key, including dashes. No message will be displayed, neither for successful registration, nor for successful registration. If key is omitted, you will be prompted for a key. This argument can't be combined with any other arguments.


Deletes the Password Vault user settings file for the current Windows user, and the application settings file for all users. You may wish to delete these settings if you uninstall Password Vault, as they are not deleted as part of the uninstallation process. This argument can't be combined with any other arguments.


Opens the specified Vault file directly in the notification area (system tray), rather than on the desktop. This argument must be used with the path argument.

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