Configure concurrent editing

Configure concurrent editing


Concurrent editing is a setting that applies to a Vault file in a multi-user environment. It controls whether all users can write to the file simultaneously, or if only a single user can write to the file at any given time.


In Regex Password Vault 4, concurrent editing was always enabled and could not be turned off. Now in Regex Password Vault 5, it is disabled by default, but you can enable it if desired.


To configure concurrent editing for a Vault file


1.Click Tools > Options. Click the Advanced tab.

2.Under Vault file options for [Filename.pvf], click Concurrent Editing Settings.

3.Choose a setting based on your requirements.




Disable concurrent editing (Recommended)

The first user to open the Vault file locks the file for editing. All subsequent users will be able to open the file in read-only mode. This is similar to how Microsoft Excel works.


This is the safest and most straightforward option for users, so it is the default.

Enable concurrent editing

All users who open the file can save changes at any time. When a user saves changes, the other users will immediately be notified that the Vault file has been changed, and they will be given the opportunity to reload the file and see the latest version.


Password Vault attempts to merge all users' changes together. However, it is always possible for a user to unintentionally (or even purposely) overwrite changes made by other users. Therefore, it is recommended to enable this setting only if required, and then to minimize the number of simultaneous saves your users make.


Note  Changing this setting does not take effect until you save the Vault file.

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