Add custom fields to a password or identity

Add custom fields to a password or identity


Custom fields are user-defined fields that can be added to passwords and identities. You use them if you need to store extra information that does not fit into the standard password or identity fields. A common use is to store security questions and answers for a website. Each password and identity can have up to 4 custom fields.


To edit custom fields for a password or identity


1.Create a new password or identity or edit an existing password or identity.

2.Click the General tab.

3.The 4 custom fields are located under the Custom fields group.
Custom fields


How do I set up a custom field?


Each custom field consists of two parts: a name and a value.


The name should contain the text immediately preceding the field as it appears on the login form or web form, omitting any punctuation such as colons. The value should contain the text that you want to be filled in the field.


The figure below shows security questions and answers on a webpage. These are examples of fields that require custom fields, because they don't fit into the standard password fields (username, email address, or password).


Security questions and answers on a webpage


Since there are three questions, three custom fields are required. The custom fields should be set up as in the table below.




What was the name of your first school

Fairfield Elementary

What is your father's middle name


What is your favorite hobby



You can specify more than one name for a custom field by separating the names with semicolons (for example, Manager; Supervisor). Specifying more than one name allows the field to match in more than one place on the login form or web form.


Frequently asked questions: Custom fields


Is it possible to give passwords more than 4 custom fields?


Yes, there is a setting to allow passwords to have an unlimited number of custom fields (there is currently no such setting for identities however). To enable this setting, click Tools > Options. Click the Advanced tab. Under Vault file options, check Allow passwords to have unlimited custom fields.

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