Create a new Vault file or open an existing Vault file


The first time you start Regex Password Vault, you will see a screen similar to the following:


Regex Password Vault start screen


You have two choices available to you:




Create a new Vault file

Choose this if you have never used Password Vault before. You need to create a Vault file to store your passwords. Follow the instructions to create a Vault file.


Note that during the process of creating a Vault file, you will need to create a username and master password. This is what you will use to log into your Vault file in the future. Do not forget your master password, because there is no way to recover or reset it if lost.

Open an existing Vault file

Choose this if you have used Password Vault before, and you have a Vault file you wish to open. You can open Vault files from previous versions of Password Vault.


Note that if you open a Vault file from a previous version of Password Vault, the default option is to import your passwords and settings into a new Version 5 file, and to leave the original file untouched.


Once you have a Vault file set up, you are ready to add new passwords and identities.

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