AutoComplete a login form or web form on a webpage

AutoComplete a login form or web form on a webpage


What is AutoComplete?


AutoComplete is a feature that automates the filling of login forms and web forms, using passwords and identities saved in your Vault file. Using AutoComplete is much more convenient and less error-prone than manually typing in usernames, passwords, and personal information yourself.


In the default Form Filler mode, Password Vault can AutoComplete passwords and identities in the following browsers. No configuration is required beforehand.


 Internet Explorer

 Mozilla Firefox

 Google Chrome


It is also possible to AutoComplete passwords in other Windows desktop applications and other browsers by using an alternate mode of AutoComplete called Keystroke mode. For details, see AutoComplete a login form in a Windows desktop application.


To AutoComplete a password or identity


There are multiple ways to start an AutoComplete operation. You can choose whichever method you prefer. Note that Regex Password Vault must be running in the background with your Vault file open.


Using the browser toolbar buttons (Recommended)


Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox — Click AutoComplete Password AutoComplete Password button to fill a login form, or AutoComplete Identity AutoComplete Identity button to fill a web form.


Google Chrome — Click the Regex Password Vault Helper button Regex Password Vault Helper button, then click AutoComplete Password to fill a login form, or AutoComplete Identity to fill a web form.


Note  If you don't see these buttons in your browser, see AutoComplete buttons do not appear in my browser.


Using a shortcut key


Input focus must be inside your browser. Do not switch to Regex Password Vault.


Type one of the following key combinations:


Shortcut Key



Auto-select password

Ctrl + Shift + A

Selects the password whose URL field matches the address of the webpage you are viewing. If a unique matching password can't be found, you will be presented with a list to choose from.

Manual-select password

Ctrl + Shift + M

Presents you with a list of passwords to choose from.


It is also possible to assign a password or identity its own dedicated shortcut key, which will directly select the password or identity to which it is assigned.


For more information about shortcut keys, including how to change the key combinations, see Shortcut Keys.


From the notification area (system tray)


Click the Regex Password Vault icon Regex Password Vault icon. You may need to show hidden icons first.


Click AutoComplete Password... to fill a login form or AutoComplete Identity... to fill a web form. You will be presented with a list of passwords or identities to choose from.


From the main window


Switch to Regex Password Vault, then select the desired password or identity. Click AutoComplete AutoComplete button.


There will be a short delay before the AutoComplete operation starts. This is to allow time to switch from the Password Vault window to the target window. You will be automatically switched back to the last window you were using. This will generally be the desired target window. However, if this is not the window you want, you will need to switch to the correct target window before the delay elapses. After the delay elapses, the password or identity will be AutoCompleted.


You can change this window-switching behavior or make the delay longer or shorter. Click Tools > Options > Advanced, then under AutoComplete, make the desired changes.

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