Generate a random password

Generate a random password


Regex Password Vault includes a random password generator to create strong random passwords. It is strongly recommended that you use random passwords for your accounts when practical. Random passwords are significantly harder for attackers to guess than passwords formed from dictionary words or meaningful patterns of letters and numbers. Using a password manager like Password Vault makes it easy for you to use the strongest passwords possible.


To generate a random password


1.Typically, you will want to generate a random password for a password record. To do this, edit an existing password record or create a new password record. Then click the Password button.
Generate Password button
Alternatively, to open the password generator as a standalone tool, click Tools > Generate Password....

2.Under Password length, choose how many characters you want the password to contain.

3.Under Character types, use the checkboxes to specify which types of characters you want the password to contain. The character types are as follows:

Uppercase letters (A-Z)

Lowercase letters (a-z)

Numbers (0-9)

Special characters/punctuation
` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ ] { } ; : ' " , . < > / \ ? |

Custom (a user-specified list—to add characters to the list, type them in the box without spaces or separators)


How do I specify a smaller set of special characters?


Sometimes an account will require your password to contain one or more special characters, but the set of possible characters will be restricted. To ensure that you generate a password that does not contain an invalid special character, follow these steps:


a.Clear the Special characters checkbox.

b.Check the Custom checkbox. In the box, type the characters that are allowed, without spaces or separators.


4.Optional  Use the Minimum numeric controls to specify the number of each type of character that should be guaranteed to appear in the password. Often, this requirement will be dictated by the account you are creating the password for. For example, your password might be required to contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

5.A random password will be displayed. Click Generate to see more choices.

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