Create or edit an identity

Create or edit an identity


An identity is a record that stores names, addresses, contact information, and credit card numbers that you frequently provide to websites. Typically, you will only create a single identity, but you may create more if you have different sets of information, such as personal and business information.


To create or edit an identity


To create a new identity—Click New Identity New Identity button.

To edit an existing identity—Select the desired identity, then click Edit Edit button.


The Identity Properties dialog will appear. It is split into six tabs: Personal, Contacts, Addresses, Credit Cards, General, and Security. Most of the tabs are self-explanatory.


Personal tab


Personal tab of Identity Properties dialog


On the Personal tab, you can enter your name, birthdate, gender, company name, and tax/VAT identification number (or Social Security number).


Contacts tab


Contacts tab of Identity Properties dialog


On the Contacts tab, you can enter up to five telephone numbers (home, work, mobile, fax, pager) and up to three email addresses.


Addresses tab


Addresses tab of Identity Properties dialog


On the Addresses tab, you can enter up to two postal addresses (mailing and billing).


Credit Cards tab


Credit Cards tab of Identity Properties dialog


On the Credit Cards tab, you can enter up to three credit cards.


General tab


General tab of Identity Properties dialog


On the General tab, you can add custom fields, notes, and more to your identity.




Custom fields

These are extra fields that you can use if a web form requires more information than the fields provided on the other tabs. For specific instructions on how to use custom fields, see Add custom fields to a password or identity.

Notes field

This is a free-form text area where you can store any important notes for this identity. To start a new line within this box, type Enter.

Parent group

This setting is only available when creating a new identity. It allows you to choose the group the identity will belong to when it is created.

AutoComplete shortcut key

Assigns a dedicated shortcut key to AutoComplete this identity. Once assigned, typing this shortcut will AutoComplete the identity in the window you are currently using. For more general information about shortcut keys, see Shortcut keys.


Security tab


Security tab of Identity Properties dialog


On the Security tab, you can edit sharing permissions, as well as view creation and modification dates for the identity.




Sharing permissions

Allows you to share or stop sharing the identity with other users in your Vault file. This only applies if you are using Regex Password Vault in a multi-user environment. For more information about sharing, see Multi-user support.

Creation and Modification dates

Shows you the dates and times that the identity was created and last modified.

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