Manage user accounts

Manage user accounts


To administer the user accounts in your Vault file, follow the steps below.


1.Click Tools > Manage All User Accounts.

2.The Manage User Accounts dialog appears. All user accounts in the Vault file are listed.
Manage User Accounts dialog

The following commands are available to you:



Create User

Creates a new user account.

Import User

Imports a user account exported from another Vault file. This command goes with the Export User command below.

Export User

Exports the selected user account to a file that can then be imported into another Vault file. This command is only useful if you have multiple Vault files and you want a user to have access to items in both files.

Remove User

Deletes the selected user account from the Vault file. Note that you cannot delete your own account. If the user you are deleting has passwords or identities that you don't have access to, then you will not be able to delete that account unless you first start Regex Password Vault with administrative privileges.


Frequently asked questions: Managing user accounts


How do I change my own username or master password?


Close the Manage User Accounts dialog, if open. Then click Tools > Update My User Account.


How do I change another user's username or master password?


You can't do this while you are logged into your own user account. The only way to do this is to log into the other user's account and change it from there.

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