Set an expiration date for a password

Set an expiration date for a password


Do you have any passwords that need to be changed regularly (every 60 or 90 days, for instance)? Regex Password Vault allows you to set expiration dates for those passwords. Then when those passwords "expire", Password Vault will remind you that they need to be changed.


To set a password expiration date


1.Create a new password or edit an existing password.

2.Click the Password Expiry tab.

3.Check the This password will expire checkbox.

4.Under Expiration date, do one of the following:

Select a future date on which the password will expire.

Select a number of days from the current date when the password will expire.
Optional  Click Make default to make the selected number of days the default. This will cause the expiration date to reset to the selected value every time you change the Password field. This way, you do not have to manually reset the expiration date each time you change your password.

5.Under Reminder, select the number of days in advance you want to be notified that the password will expire.


To see which passwords have expired or will expire soon


Click View > Expired Passwords.

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