Password Vault options

Password Vault options


To change settings for Regex Password Vault


Click Tools > Options.


The Options dialog appears. It is divided into six tabs: General, Shortcut Keys, Security, Backup, Advanced, and International. Each tab is explained in more detail below.


General tab


General tab of Options dialog


The General tab contains frequently-used settings.




Program behavior

Start Password Vault when I log onto Windows

If checked, when you log into Windows, Password Vault will automatically start and open the current Vault file.

If this box is filled Sample of filled checkbox, that means Password Vault is set to start automatically, but a different Vault file will be opened.

Minimize Password Vault to the notification area (system tray)

If checked, Password Vault will minimize to the notification area (or system tray) near the system clock, and will be accessible through the Password Vault icon Password Vault icon For more information, see Notification area (system tray) menu.

If unchecked, Password Vault will minimize to the taskbar like most other Windows applications.


Contains settings for personal customization.

Color scheme

Changes the application color scheme. Choices are Blue, Black, and Silver.


Changes the user interface font.

Vault file options for [Filename.pvf]

Save changes to my file every # minutes

Configures auto-save for the current Vault file. You can turn auto-save on or off with the checkbox, and you can set the auto-save interval to a specific number of minutes with the numeric control.

Connect to the Internet to

This area controls all settings that require Internet access.

Download website icons for passwords that specify a URL

If checked, when you edit a password and change the URL field, Password Vault will look online for a website icon (favicon) to assign to the password.

If unchecked, Password Vault will not automatically look for an icon. You can still manually check by right-clicking the icon button, then clicking Refresh website icon.

Check for Password Vault updates,

Download and install Password Vault updates

Controls automatic update checking. If Check for Password Vault updates is checked and Download and install Password Vault updates is unchecked, you will be notified when an update is available, but you will be able to choose when to install the update.

Note  These settings may be controlled by your system administrator, in which case they will be unavailable to you.


Shortcut Keys tab


Shortcut Keys tab of Options dialog


Shortcut keys are keyboard shortcuts that you can type to perform various commands with Password Vault. You can change the key assignments on the Shortcut Keys tab. For more information about shortcut keys, see Shortcut keys.


Security tab


Security tab of Options dialog


The Security tab contains settings for securing your data.




Lock Password Vault

Controls when Password Vault locks. When locked, you must re-enter your master password (and security code, if applicable) in order to perform any function that requires access to your data, which includes: viewing and editing passwords and identities, AutoCompleting, searching, printing, and so on. Locking Password Vault prevents an individual from gaining access to your data, even if he or she gains physical access to your computer.

Automatically after

Locks Password Vault after the specified length of time has elapsed.

Note  This is an absolute time, not a period of inactivity.

Security  You should choose the shortest length of time that is convenient for you. Choosing Never lock Password Vault is not recommeneded.

When I lock my computer

Locks Password Vault when you lock your computer or switch Windows user accounts.

Clear the Clipboard after copying a field

Controls how soon the Clipboard is cleared after you copy a password or identity field to the Clipboard. This applies when you copy a field using the Copy Field command.

Security  It is recommended to clear the Clipboard as soon as possible, since the field is copied to the Clipboard in plaintext form, where it can be read by any application.

Note  This setting does not apply when you copy an entire password or identity using the Edit > Cut or Edit > Copy commands, since the password or identity remains encrypted throughout the entire copy process.

Automatically after

Clears the Clipboard after the specified length of time has elapsed. This interval should be long enough to give yourself time to paste the field in the target window, but not so long that the data remains on the Clipboard unnecessarily, where it can be read by other applications.

Require my master password and security code to

Specifies that your master password (and security code, if applicable) be required to perform certain operations.

AutoComplete passwords and identities

If checked, your master password (and security code, if applicable) are required to start an AutoComplete operation.

Restore Password Vault from the notification area

If checked, your master password (and security code, if applicable) are required to restore Password Vault from the notification area (system tray). This setting only applies if the Minimize Password Vault to the notification area (system tray) setting is enabled on the General tab.

Unmask sensitive fields

If checked, your master password (and security code, if applicable) are required to turn off the View > Mask Sensitive Fields setting. Mask Sensitive Fields replaces sensitive fields (Password and Credit Card) with asteriks so they can't be viewed by an onlooker.


Backup tab


Backup tab of Options dialog


On the Backup tab, you can configure automatic backups of your Vault file. Backing up your file is highly recommended because it helps ensure you won't lose your passwords in the event that your file is deleted or corrupted, you suffer a hardware failure, or your computer is lost or stolen. For more information about backups, see Configure automatic backups of your Vault file.


Advanced tab


Advanced tab of Options dialog


The Advanced tab contains advanced Password Vault settings.





Use text selection on webpages to limit which fields are filled

This setting gives you the ability to AutoComplete just a portion of a webpage if desired. For instance, if you want to AutoComplete certain fields on a page without disturbing other fields which already contain values. If this setting is enabled, you can click and drag your mouse to select the fields you want filled, and Password Vault will AutoComplete only those fields, ignoring the rest of the fields.

Note  This setting applies to Form Filler mode only.

Vault file options for [Filename.pvf]

Concurrent Editing Settings button

This setting applies to a Vault file in a multi-user environment. It controls whether all users can simultaneously make changes to the file or not. For more information, see Configure concurrent editing.

Allow passwords to have multiple URLs

This setting allows each password to match to multiple websites. This allows you to AutoComplete the same password on more than one website. After enabling this setting, when you edit a password, there will be a URL button available. Click this button to add or remove URLs from the password.

Allow passwords to have unlimited custom fields

This setting allows each password to have an unlimited number of custom fields, instead of the normal maximum of 4. Currently this setting applies to passwords only; identities will still be limited to 4 custom fields each.

Log all revisions to this file

If checked, Password Vault maintains a log of all changes you make to your file. For more information, see Log changes to my Vault file.


International tab


International tab of Options dialog


The International tab allows you to specify how Password Vault should handle text and formats numbers, dates, times, and measurements. Select the culture from the list that matches your language and region.

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