Restore a backup of my Vault file

Restore a backup of my Vault file


If you need to roll back an unintentional change to your Vault file, or if you are recovering from a file corruption, hardware failure, or loss or theft of your computer, you can easily restore your Vault file using a backup you have made previously.


To restore a backup


1.Click File > View Backups of [Filename.pvf].
Note  If you are unable open your Vault file, and thus the View Backups command is unavailable to you, you can simply navigate to your backup folder using Windows Explorer, and locate a backup that way. Then skip to Step 4.

2.The View Backups dialog will appear. Select a backup to restore. In most cases, you will want to restore the most recent backup, although depending on the situation, you may want an earlier backup.
View Backups dialog

3.Click View selected backup in Windows Explorer. An Explorer window will open with the selected backup selected. The file name of the backup is the name of your original Vault file with a date and time appended to the end.

4.Copy the selected .pvf file to the Clipboard.

5.In Explorer, navigate to the folder where your original Vault file is saved.
In Windows Vista/7/8, the default folder is C:\Users\Username\Documents\Regex Password Vault Files\Regex Password Vault 5.
In Windows XP, the default folder is C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\Regex Password Vault Files\Regex Password Vault 5.

6.Paste the file from the Clipboard.

7.Rename the pasted file to remove the date and time from the file name. The file name should now be the same as your original Vault file. The file can now be opened as normal in Regex Password Vault.

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