Share a password or identity with another user

Share a password or identity with another user


You can share passwords and identities with other users in your Vault file.


To share a password or identity


1.Edit an existing password or identity, or create a new password or identity. Click the Security tab.

2.Under Sharing permissions, click Add User.
Sharing Permissions settings for a password

3.The Select User dialog will appear. Select one or more users from the list. For your convenience, you can also create a new user account directly from within this dialog, or you can import a user account exported from another Vault file.
Select User dialog

4.Click OK. The users you have selected are added to the Users list.
Password shared with additional users


Frequently asked questions: Sharing


What permissions does a user gain to a shared password or identity?


The user will gain full access to that password or identity. He or she will be able to view it, make his or her own changes, delete it, or share it with other users.


Is it possible to give a user partial permissions (such as read-only access) to a password or identity?


No, this is not currently possible.


Are passwords or identities shared by default when they are created?


No. In order to protect your data, passwords and identities are never shared by default. You must explicitly share passwords and identities if you want other users to have access to them.


I need to share a large number of passwords. Is there an efficient way to do this?


Yes, Password Vault supports bulk sharing operations. See Change sharing permissions for multiple items at once.

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