Stop sharing a password or identity with a user


1.Edit an existing password or identity. Click the Security tab.

2.Under Sharing permissions, select the user to stop sharing with. Click Remove User. The user is removed from the list.
Note  You cannot remove yourself from the list.

3.If the selected user, after being removed from this password or identity, won't have access to any more passwords or identities, you will be asked if you want to completely remove the user from the Vault file.
Prompt to remove user from Vault file
Choose one of the available options:



Remove user from file

The user will lose all access to the Vault file. He or she will not be able to open the file any longer.

Don't remove user from file

The user will still be able to open the Vault file, but will not have access to any of the passwords or identities saved within. He or she will be able to create new passwords and identities within the Vault file.

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