Tutorial 3: AutoComplete a Password

Tutorial 3: AutoComplete a Password


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In this tutorial, you will use the AutoComplete feature to have Password Vault log you into a website. You will be AutoCompleting the password you created in Tutorial 2.


1.Open the website that is associated with your password.
Either open the website manually, or select the password in Password Vault and then click the URL link.
Regex Password Vault window and Mozilla Firefox window

2.For Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox — Click AutoComplete Password AutoComplete Password button on the toolbar.
For Google Chrome — Click the Regex Password Vault Helper button, then click AutoComplete Password.
Regex Password Vault Helper button in Google Chrome
Note  If you don't see these buttons on your browser toolbar, see AutoComplete buttons do not appear in my browser.
Note  Password Vault must be running in the background with your Vault file open in order for the toolbar buttons to work.

3.Your email address and password will be filled immediately. Click Log In to log into the website.
Mozilla Firefox window
Note  You may notice that extraneous fields are filled on some webpages. For example, in the above figure, you can see several fields on the Sign Up form were filled. In most cases, this will not cause a problem. However, if you wish to explicitly limit which fields can be filled, you can select those fields by making a text selection with your mouse. Then Password Vault will fill only the fields within the selection.

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