Tutorial 2: Create a Password

Tutorial 2: Create a Password


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In this tutorial, you will create a password, which is a type of record that stores login information for a website. Facebook will be used as the example website. If you have an Facebook account, you can enter your own account details. Otherwise, feel free to substitute any website for the example presented here.


1.Click New Password New Password button. The New Password dialog will appear.
New Password dialog

2.In the Type a name for this password box, type "Facebook Account".

3.In the Email box, type your email address.

4.In the Password box, type your Facebook password.

5.In the URL box, type the web address of the login page, in this case, "https://www.facebook.com/".
Security  Whenever possible, you should prefer https over http for pages that require you to enter sensitive data, such as passwords.
Note  When you move the cursor out of the URL box, the icon will automatically change to the Facebook icon.
New Password dialog

6.Click OK. The newly created password will be visible.
Regex Password Vault window


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