Tutorial 1: Create a Vault File

Tutorial 1: Create a Vault File


1.Start Regex Password Vault.

2.Click Create a new Vault file.... The New Vault File dialog will appear.
Regex Password Vault window

3.You are prompted to create a user account. This is how you will log into your new Vault file.
New Vault File dialog

Choose a username for your account. Your Windows account name is used by default, but you can change this to anything you wish.

Type a master password for your account. It must be 8 characters or longer, and it should include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Do not forget your master password because you will not be able to open your Vault file without it.

Optional  Choose a 5-digit security code to add additional protection to your user account. If you use a security code, you must enter it every time you enter your master password. You may use a randomly-generated code or enter a custom code.

4.Click Finish. You will need to confirm your master password and security code by typing them a second time.

5.Your new Vault file is now set up and ready for you to add passwords and identities.
Regex Password Vault window


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