Notification area (system tray) menu

Notification area (system tray) menu


The following diagram shows the menu available when you minimize Regex Password Vault to the notification area (system tray). Click the Password Vault icon Regex Password Vault icon with your mouse to access this menu. You may need to show hidden icons first.


Regex Password Vault notification area menu


The menu commands are described in more detail below.




Most-AutoCompleted Passwords

Lists the 10 most AutoCompleted passwords in your Vault file for easy access. Clicking one of these passwords will AutoComplete that password immediately.

All Passwords and Identities

Gives you access to all passwords and identities in your Vault file. From here, you can invoke the AutoComplete, Open URL, Copy Field, and Edit commands.

Open Password URL

Opens the website associated with a password. You select the password from a list.

AutoComplete Password

AutoCompletes a password in the current foreground window. You select the password from a list.

AutoComplete Identity

AutoCompletes an identity in the current foreground window. If you have more than one identity, you select the identity from a list.

Create New Password

Displays the New Password dialog.

Password Generator

Shows the password generator as a standalone tool.

Lock Password Vault

Locks Password Vault, so your master password (and security code, if applicable) are required to perform any operation that requires access to your data. These operations include viewing and editing your passwords or identities, AutoCompleting, searching, printing, and so on. Locking Password Vault is a good way to secure your data because it prevents other individuals from accessing your data, even if they have physical access to your computer.

Clear Clipboard

Clears the contents of the Clipboard. You should do this after copying sensitive data such as a password field, since otherwise it will remain on the Clipboard indefinitely, where it can be read by any other application.

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